Dj Phat-Tony




Phat-Tony’s mix of your classic hip-hop favorites on top of different styles of music which include but aren’t limited to House, Electro, Rap, R&B, Dubstep, Moombaton, Latin Pop, Rock, and Spanish favorites. No matter what your style is Phat-Tony is sure to bring a little bit of everything to the mixing table, keeping the dancing and the good times going. 


Phat-Tony began learning his way around a mixer as a kid. As his father was a resident DJ at Rodeo U.S.A, formerly a club in Las Cruces, he had the chance to discover something that later grew into much more than a fascination. While his father worked on the lights for his show, the young inspired Phat-Tony would pass the time experimenting with the mixer. Immediately Phat-Tony realized that this was his passion. As the years went on Phat-Tony joined the school band and began his classical training in music.

After finally deciding to give up everything and chase the dream he started as a kid, he became more serious with his love for music in late 2010. Phat-Tony managed to put his mixing skills to use within one short year. He landed the residency at Grahams, a nightclub in Las Cruces, and since then has played at several Ziehl Inc. events which has led to the booking of blog sensation Chemical Jump.